Asian Beauty Meet And Greet Part 1



Meet Mia. This was a little meet and greet with this Asian beauty before we got to fucking in part 2 which comes tomorrow. I just wanted to give you a little tease before we unleash the full wild sex session upon you. Trust me, it’s a doozy. I was completely thrown off when I met this tiny Asian slut because she was small but had a lovely round ass. Small Asian chicks do not pack a thick booty like Mia does. Let’s just say I was rock hard already from the thought of abusing that booty.

Her pretty smile and lovely legs stood out. When I met her, I realized she was not like the regular Asian sluts on ScrewMeToo. This one was an intellectual phenom and I felt so inadequate. But I figured what the hell, she met up with me for a reason and it was not to “pick my brain”. I was hoping she wanted to give me “brain” lol. That she did and more!

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