Asian Sexy Babe Mia Spreads Legs Wide

(This model was 26 years old at the time of filming)


Remember this Asian sexy babe Mia from the last update on ScrewMeToo? This dirty slut came back for more! She was so addicted to my dick that I could not keep her away. Constant phone calls, begging me to fuck her again on camera. Day after day this slut would not let the thought of our last fuck session fade away. I know I know I should not be complaining but I have other skanks to fuck. I already pounded this Asian sexy babe out and I told her its time for someone new. Her persistence was admirable. I caved in. Can you blame me?

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I invited Asian sexy babe Mia to my hotel room the very next day after meeting up with her at the park. Before I could even get off the phone with room service, she is already knocking on my door. No discussion when I opened the door. Just her getting on her knees and unzipping my pants for some big sausage. Shoved my dick deep down her throat so fast she could not even get sneeze out. Why waste time with small talk right? The deep throat skills this slut possesses came back to me instantly and I remember why I loved her lips around my dick in the first place.

Giving me head was not enough. I had to pull down her panties and slide my dick in that hairy slanted clam. Soaking wet would be an understatement If I was to explain how her pussy felt. Felt like a damn water slide with no end in sight. If you love this Asian pussy babe Mia and you want to see her first shoot with us, please check out her first sex scene to beat your meat pole too.

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