Asian Whores Like Mia Have Rock Star Sex Skills

(This model was 26 years old at the time of filming)


Welcome back to ScrewMeToo! You remember yesterdays part 1 meet and greet introduction with Asian beauty Mia right? This is the action part 2 and Asian Whores Like Mia are a dime a dozen. The difference is that this slutty Asian really knows how to swallow big dick whole like an egg roll. I hope one day you get to experience the mind blowing sexual skills with one of these whores.

The way she can make things disappear like you were hung like a tic tac shows us that she has no gag reflex. Skills like that make me cum hard! I had to find out for myself and the best way to find out was to jump right in. No small talk. Just hot steamy sex that I could dream about sometime in the future. We started flirting at lunch and I took her shopping for a few hours.

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I was trying to let the shopping handle the foreplay for me so I could just hammer that slanted clam once we got back to my hotel room. Worked like a charm! We got back to the room and she knew exactly what I wanted. She ripped off her clothes and started masturbating all over the bed like she had some sort of emergency to get too right after. I was a bit thrown back by the fact that she was rushing to suck and fuck me. Her lips were already headed towards my dick before I could even take my pants off. Don’t get me wrong, I am not bitching by any means but it was a rare occurrence. Typical sluts like this demand one thing and that is to suck and fuck the cum right out of her pray.

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