Blonde Babe Sex after trading selfies and a quick date

(This model was 30 years old at the time of filming)

Blonde Babe Sex was on My Mind Lately

Blonde Babe Sex is what we all dream of, right? It’s the Holy Grail of pussy. Everyone wants to experience fucking a hot blonde chick at least once in their lives. Studies have shown they are far and away the most desired type of women on the Planet. Whether that appeal is warranted or not is another discussion altogether.

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The reality is the reality, even if that reality is mostly based on perception. A perception that Blonde Babe Sex is somehow more dignified. That you are somehow better if you are able to lay with a blonde. True or not, this is what many men believe. It’s what society tells us to believe.


Naturally, I have a yearning for screwing blondes as well. Not exclusively so, but a yearning nonetheless. Well, I was in luck on this occasion. Another hour or two scanning profiles on dating sites and I came across a stunning blonde chick named Cayla. This 22 year old was responding to my messages almost immediately and seemed very open to hooking up. I asked for some pics and was shocked when she sent them over. Sexy selfie snaps of her facing a mirror in some very revealing lingerie. Ok, this girl was game for more I would say.

We lined up a date (or should I say a “ScrewMeToo!” moment in the making) two days later and she was there before I was. A glass of wine in her hand and pretty in pink. This was going to end well. Got the get-to-know-you gibberish out of the way and Cayla starting getting looser and looser. I was quite confident Blonde Babe Sex was soon to follow. If there was any doubt up til that point, it was all be erased when she started talking about herself more. Telling how she just “wants to have fun” and how she enjoys being photographed, etc. Telltale signs of an easy girl who is totally down to get smashed.

And smash I did, boys. Back to my place with her clothes coming off in front of my camera. She posed in several positions and levels of dress until she was fully naked in front of me. Small tits and a nice full round ass complimented her pretty blonde-framed face perfectly. Man, was I in for some treats. The Blonde Babe Sex that followed was just as good as it sounds. This slutty girl was loving my cock from all different angles. How nice and easy was this? I didn’t use a rubber so she asked me not to jizz inside. No problem honey, here’s an extra-large helping of pecker pudding all over your chest!

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