Colombian Booty Girl Plays Hard To Get



When you think of Colombian girls, you always think about thick Colombian booty chicks with dick riding skills that last a long time. Jade Presley is one of those girls. Tiny little thing with a round ass and small tits to suck on. I had the privilege to take this sweet Colombian booty to pound town and I left her trying to catch her breath for 20 minutes after the amazing sex session. Not sure about you but that is a huge win in my book. Her thick booty slapped together like a revolving door on a windy day. I have a hard-on you could pole vault on just thinking about her. Her personality was infatuating and full of life and laughter. It was a pleasure to slap that round ass all over the room and I think she got soaking wet because of it.

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Jade Presley whispered dirty talk while she licked my ear and I could not hold my orgasm any longer. I had to pull out and blow a load all over her sweet face. The satisfaction that I had when it was all over could not be expressed with words. If you could have taken a picture, you would see a grin from ear to ear. I truly hope I get another chance to bang that Colombian booty again in the future. Next time I will rub one out few hours before so I can beat that pussy up longer than I did the first time around. She had so many chances to make me cum faster than I wanted too and I think she knew it because she kept slowing down when I was about to cum. You will enjoy the hell out of this Colombian Booty chick here at ScrewMeToo.

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