Curvy Redhead Fucked In The Shower

(This model was 32 years old at the time of filming)

Curvy Redhead Performs A Deadly Suck and Fuck Combination In The Shower!

So many Curvy Redhead chicks on ScrewMeToo so little time. We fuck one after another and none have ever stood out from the crown until now. Meet Kattie Gold. Gorgeous round booty babe loves sex, food and more sex. She told us that she has always been a nympho. Ever since she can remember, her biggest joy was to cum. Looks like we share the same sentiment! This small tit fire crotch has always enjoyed a great blowjob followed by sex in the shower. She kept dropping all sorts of hints. I would have to be dead not to notice them. Kattie Gold works hard for every moan and groan. You will see what I mean when you watch the scene. My mind was blown away at the blowjob skills she showed my dick.

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This Curvy Redhead performed oral sex like she was the lead actor in a magic show. Making my dick appear and disappear so quickly that I thought I was punch drunk with lust because I was seeing double. Last time we met fiery readhead she was all sorts of shy. Years later it seems she has not only gotten over the shy-ness but has evolved into an outspoken sex Fein. Time really changes some people. For the better in this situation. I am sure you will agree as well. The blowjob was good, that I had to just spit on my hand and bend her over in the shower. I went to pound town as hard and as long as I possibly could without blowing my load to quick. Kattie Gold actually thanked me for an amazing fuck session and I could not be happier. Hopefully, I get to fuck her another time in the future. Only time will tell!

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