Czech Blonde Revels In Her Sluthood

(This model was 31 years old at the time of filming)


I am in Prague for my date with a sexy Czech blonde named Victoria. She has been sending me “kisses” on an online dating site, and now we finally have our first date. Victoria was quite a flirty girl and asked me if I shoot naked girls.

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She was already openly talking about how much she enjoyed sex. Then she asked if I had seen any of her porn movies – DAMN I just bagged myself a Czech blonde slut who reveled in her sluthood so much she actually wanted to make a ScrewMeToo porn movie with me!

We started taking pictures but then she hiked up her dress and I saw that juicy little slit ready for a good fuck it was like my dream come true to have such a wanton woman! When a hot blonde like this goes on a date with no panties on under her sexy black dress. Well, she wants to get fucked doesn’t she?!! She wants it good and hard, and I’m here to do just that guys! And film it all so we can all watch it. What a horny blonde.

Oh boy I was so lucky to find a girl like this. She fucked wildly like a sexual animal. She loved every raw ass-slapping second. Guys you have to see this video – she was like a rabbit on steroids she loved riding dick so much. Damn we fucked like horny animals, over and over again, and every different way we could think of. Then like a true whore she opened wide and I exploded inside her mouth.

I hope Victoria is pleased with the porn movie I made. I bet she is playing it right now for some other guy while she fucks him on their first date.

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