Czech Girls Just Want To Have Fun

(This model was 25 years old at the time of filming)
  Lady Dee

Czech Girls Like Lady Dee Just Wanna Have Fun!

Czech girls are a rare breed. They do what they want when they want and I have a love/hate relationship with that kind of thought process. Let’s be real. If a girl spreads her legs as Lady Dee does, how can I hate it? I try and enjoy the other times but attitudes really piss me off and most of these porn chicks have them. Don’t believe me? Go look at our other girls at ScrewMeToo and then talk to me about it. I try and ignore it but it is almost impossible, to say the least. This hot piece of ass was lucky I woke up from a nice sexy dream with only laying the pipe in mind. I tore that tight pussy up and left no stone unturned when I was done. The cum dribbled out of my dick into her tight pussy.

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Many small tit babes like Lady Dee work harder for the dick. Why do you ask? I wish I knew but for whatever reason, small tit girls have some sort of chip on their shoulder which makes them work so much harder to please. These specific slutty girls can’t wait to fuck foreign guys. Maybe its the cologne or maybe it’s the big dicks we carry. Either way, it’s a win-win for us foreign guys. I love fucking these Czech girls first thing in the morning as they wake up. The orgasm is much harder and it is a great start to the stressful day. Watch the video and pull those pants down and enjoy a nice deep orgasm to one of the dirtiest Chech Girls you will ever come across. You will thank me later. Trust me and have a great rest of your day. Bye!

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