Czech Sex Fixes The Morning Wood

(This model was 28 years old at the time of filming)

Czech Sex In The Morning Starts The Day Off Right!

Czech sex with Caroline Adolino was all sorts of sticky. I do not remember an instance on ScrewMeToo where a slut had the gushy pussy that made me feel so dirty. All the other Czech whores I have fucked in the past had nothing on Caroline Adolino. Her volcanic creamy pussy was some sort of fairy tale. People should write books on the experience inside this soaking wet snatch for god sakes. Her pussy was like seeing a unicorn. Never have I experienced anything that felt so good. The night before was full of drunken flashbacks and I do not remember even getting in the hotel, let alone anything that happened after. The rollover back rub got me an extra fuck session before I had to say bye. Smooth move right? Got me another experience and I am so grateful it did.

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If I never did that move, I would have never got the mind-blowing Czech sex session if it were not for the morning back rub. Clutch moves are sometimes well thought out and sometimes they are done out of pure laziness. I’ll admit it, I got lucky. But when has luck ever stopped anyone from having an orgasm :). My urge to cum that morning led to an experience that I wish I could actually explain. Maybe one day I will be able to verbally explain the feeling of each stroke deep inside Caroline Adolino. A kid in a candy store was how I felt. I kept bothering her like a fanboy for her phone number to show her a good time while she was still in town. I hope she calls, I really do. Worked my pimp game with hopes it gets me another ride in between her legs. Wish me, luck!

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