Hot Hard Sex With Brunette Freak

(This model was 25 years old at the time of filming)
  Kate Rich

Hot Hard Sex Is A Specialty For Katie Rich

If you love hot hard sex, then look no further. Say hello to Kate Rich. This sex pistol is nothing short of amazing. Her personality is loaded with non-stop laughter and fun. The combination of freaky and fun makes for the best fuck session. Kate Rich brings the heat of passion so naturally. She has something special about her in everything she does, every move she makes radiates sexuality and grace. This woman does not fake the funk in the sack. When she took off her clothes, my dick woke up from a nap. Sometimes my dick decides to take a power nap before he gets down to business. When she took those skinny legs and opened them, I got to see the tight pussy up close. MY dick was ready to pop out its skin in excitement to fuck her.

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Girls like Katie Rich only want hot hard sex in her life. She loves fucking on a daily basis. Her wet pussy felt like a creamy dream one would only dream about. The moans were uncontrollable to the point that I had to put my hand over her mouth a few times. Her freaky ass bit my finger and said squeeze her neck harder while I fuck her tight pussy. This freaky babe had me thinking of baseball every second until I blew a huge load deep in her water hole. Don’t dare judge me after you take a look.

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