Hot Russian Back For A Second Dose

(This model was 29 years old at the time of filming)

Hot Russian Wants Rougher Dick Second Time Around

Repeating business is universally great. I was lucky enough to get a call from hot Russian Vinna Reed and she wanted sex again on ScrewMeToo. She did say she wanted it to be much rougher this time around and maybe some ass slapping on top of ball slapping. How can I say no? Repeat sex is the cream of the crop. Not many get a second run into some tight Russian pussy and I made sure to thank her over and over again.

We all have different kinds of freaky things we like to pull out in the bedroom and I am no different. The vibe normally dictates how freaky I get and It was no different with hot Russian Vinna Reed. All the small differences she made with her dick sucking and hip thrusting made this second sex session one to remember. Her tight pussy lips wrapped around my cock like a vice grip and the moans were intense this time around.

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I am getting a chub thinking about her strong legs wrapped around my face. The perfume smell stayed on my balls for days. Not sure why showering did not do the job but It was just a reminder of hot Russian pussy. Reminded me of her every time I got a subtle whiff. Hard to want that smell to go away. The imagination is something special for some of us and It seems to get much more vivid as I age.

I can remember every fine detail of our sex session and the replay is somewhat of a gift If I don’t say so myself. Pretty lucky when it comes to photographic memory. My friends in school always wondered how I could glance at something and remember it.

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