Interracial Asian Bitch Fucked on First Date

(This model was 24 years old at the time of filming)
  Akira May


Welcome to Hong Kong guys. I start off this video with a bit of a walk around the city, and then I hooked up with my date Akira May in a Chinese restaurant. Akira was a mixed race Asian girl who only spoke Chinese.

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Damn if I didn’t want to slap her, she was so moody all through our date. I decided what the hell and just came straight out and asked her back to my hotel. She said yes – totally un-fucking-believable. Must be an Asian thing with girls acting all bitchy with guys they want to #screwmetoo! Well I like a challenge! Had to see if I could change her pouty Interracial Asian Bitch face with a good solid ScrewMeToo 🙂

Back in my hotel room I got her to pose for the camera, thinking that would warm her up a bit, maybe get a smile out of her. Fuck NO even naked she was still all moody and shit. So I just presented my dick to her, and she wrapped her lips around my shaft and went to work. WTF well I was thinking “don’t fuck this one up John, just keep feeding this pouty bitch dick!” That moody face sure looked good stuffed with my dick, that’s for sure. Started fingering her and she was already wet – what a slut!

Well, after all my trouble I really enjoy banging Akira. She was really skinny with small tits and a seriously firm butt. And once we got going boy was her pussy wet. Creaming all over the harder I fucked her. My God it sure looked good to see that pouty face with my cum dripping out of her mouth 🙂

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