Naughty Bikini Girl Fucks on Third Date

(This model was 32 years old at the time of filming)


My French squeeze Clea sent me some really sexy pictures at the beach in a bikini. Had to get some of that action so here I am in Barcelona, Spain. A special beach and bikini date with my sizzling hot hookup Clea. Check her out guys in a skimpy little sparkle bikini.

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Damn what a great third date we had – a sunny day with a beautiful girl at the beach. She gave out on the first date in Bali, she gave out on the second date in Paris. And no surprises today guys – this Naughty Bikini Girl Fucks on Third Date too!!

So there we were at the beach. Clea with her sexy French accent wearing a bikini. And me? Well, just drooling really, and trying not to be too obvious filming all the time. After swimming in the sea and tanning a while we headed back to my hotel. The walk back was pretty exciting, following that delicious looking tanned butt. A real piece of art. Check it out in the video guys. I couldn’t wait to get somewhere private and tear that bikini off her!!

But no need to tear it off her, this horny French chick was butt-naked straight after she walked in the door. This Naughty Bikini Girl Fucks all right, like only the French know how! I’m so glad I found this girl for ScrewMeToo. She loves sex so much, maybe even more than I do! This third time with her was even better than the first two. Man all the while I was imagining what it would be like to fuck Clea in a public place. Like the beach earlier, with all you guys standing there watching us. Pretty kinky right?!

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