Naughty Blonde Babe Banged on Our First Date

(This model was 27 years old at the time of filming)
  Katy Sky


Naughty Blonde Babe Katy Sky looked so sweet and pretty when we met up in Prague. Blue eyes blonde hair with a ponytail, dressed in one of those sexy skirts with a zip down the front. Damn guys she had a white top on and it looked like she had no bra underneath. Told me she dreamed of being a model so I got her straight back to my hotel room to take a some pictures. But what I really wanted was a naughty blonde babe banged on our first date. Let’s see just how naughty Katy really was.

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Man check out how this girl posed. Lying on the bed with her short dress hiked up exposing her bum cheeks. So tanned and perfectly rounded. This naughty blonde babe just wanted to date for some cock, and she was gonna get it! Looked like Katy was a girl who went straight for what she wanted. Playing hard to get with me but just look at those poses! Next thing to slip out in view were a deliciously perky pair of tits. Oh so juicy with puffy nipples just begging for a good fondling.

Clearly she was no stranger to dick. Giving me a hand job and then sucking my cock. Yes please teach me, she said. So there I was teaching her how to be a ScrewMeToo model. Her cunt was so small and tight this naughty blonde babe banged like a pro. She was expecting some warm milk as a final reward, so I gave her a cum dump deep inside that tight little pussy.

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