Petite Naked Blonde Fucked On Hotel Couch

(This model was 21 years old at the time of filming)

Petite Naked blonde Marilyn Sugar Meets Me In My Hotel Room

We at ScrewMeToo were very excited to meet this petite naked blonde Marilyn Sugar. Her little tiny frame and tight buns had my head spinning. The smell of her lip gloss had my dick instantly ready for action. She walked write up to me and said “Are you going to be fucking me today”. I was already fighting back the pre cum. Every words out of her mouth from then on out was mumble because my brain was stuck on ripping her pants off. She had some killer small tits that just fit in my mouth. When I slide her panties down, I noticed she had a lovely shaved pussy. I was going to make sure to eat that like it is candy at some point and nothing was going to stop me outside of a natural disaster happening.

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My hotel room has a couch when you walk in and some weird table in the middle. Not sure If I was going to stop her and chat on the couch or take her to my room. Upon entry, she sat on the couch and told me to come sit with her. We just started kissing and this petite naked blonde stripped down and let me take charge. Her pussy tasted like strawberries and my mouth just kept salivating all over her clit. The moaning was so loud my hotel neighbor kept pounding the wall to keep it down. FUCK OFF! No way in hell was I about to let this jerk off ruin my sex session so I slide my dick in and got closer to the wall so he can hear everything like a subwoofer. I probably fucked for 10 minutes or so and blew a huge load deep inside!

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