Round Booty Slapped In The Early Morning

(This model was 25 years old at the time of filming)

Round Booty Babe Tiffany Tatum Needed A Morning Quickie

Double fun is what I love to call it when I can fuck once the night before and another time in the morning. That is exactly what happened with round booty Tiffany Tatum on ScrewMeToo. Sleep in the eye did not make any difference. This round booty babe stroked my cock until I was hard as a diamond. I knew exactly what she wanted and I was not about to say no to getting my dick wet. No way! Morning quickies are the best because I do not have to put in a ton of work and I get to blow a load before the day even starts.

Beats having to jerk my dick. That is always a last resort If I can get some pussy instead. Ass slapping some round booty is just a perk while fucking some wet tight pussy. Let me tell you, Tiffany Tatum had some serious wet pussy lips going on and those lips grabbed my dick like a vice grip.

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I have a round booty fetish and her perfect ass was something I had to see for myself one more time before she left. Nothing sexier than a tight ass staring at me when I am fucking doggy style. For the love of all that is good, it is my kryptonite. Juicy ass should always be on the menu and it is a delicacy on my fantasy menu. I have always wondered to myself why a man would choose a flat ass over around one. It makes no sense to me and I am sure it puzzles you as well. The lovely tune of my dick going in and out of her sloppy soaking wet pussy is music to my ears. They should make a soundtrack of the sound!

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