Skinny Redhead lets me cum on her face after first date

(This model was 27 years old at the time of filming)
  Ela Nek

Skinny Redhead profile pics get me interested

Skinny Redhead chicks have been on my brain lately. I don’t know why exactly. Maybe it’s just a phase. After a few unsuccessful attempts pm’ing a few of them on various social media and online dating sites, I finally got a welcome response. This girl’s name was Ela Nek but she calls herself “Jessy” and she was only a few miles away from me. We connected profiles and began to chat and flirt. She was exactly the type of Skinny Redhead I was fancying.

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Some messages back and forth and then I got her number on my phone. She starting sending cute selfies after that. This is usually a sign that a girl is down to fuck. Would this Skinny Redhead confirm my suspicions that she was a slut? You bet she would. Nude selfie photos took us to setting up a date and just a few days later, there we were. Face to face in a restaurant. She was all decked out in an animal print outfit which screamed “fuck me like an animal you savage!”. Well, she would get exactly what she was dressed for from me.


After only 20 mins of bullshitting about her life and aspirations, we were on our way to my room where pussy-grabbing ensued. I had this skinny redhead slut naked and slurping on my cock in no time. She never fooled anyone; it was a slut from a long way out. Had her moaning like a bitch in heat while pummeling her tiny pussy hard. She got exactly what she came for from me. Speaking of coming, she did at least three times before I did.

When I did, there was no mistaking it of course. It left her face glazed and sticky like a fancy European confection. When you fuck a Skinny Redhead like this, facials are the best ending. Something about the way her red hair contrasts with the runny white splooge makes for a unique visual. Thankfully for the rest of you, I recorded every last second of this hook-up, just like I did with that cute redhead deepthroat slut just the other day. Hope you enjoy watching nearly as much as I enjoyed fucking! Til the next Screw Me Too

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